Dec 1 2019 First patient confirmed in Wuhan, China Dec 31 2019 China sends urgent notice to WHO of unknown pneumonia cause Jan 7 2020 • New virus identified as a coronavirus • Europe's first case confirmed in France Jan 11 2020 First death announced in China Jan 21 2020 First case in the US confirmed; Snohomish County, Washington Jan 23 2020 Wuhan is under quarantine Jan 24 2020 First confirmed case of human-to-human transmission outside of China, in Vietnam Jan 30 2020 • World Health Organization declares the outbreak a global public-health emergency • The United States reports the first confirmed instance of person-to-person spread Jan 31 2020 • HHS Secretary declares a public health emergency (PHE) for the US • President Trump enforces a 14-day quarantine preceding the entry of travelers from mainland China into the US Feb 11 2020 WHO announce a new official name for the disease as “COVID-19” Feb 14 2020 Africa's first case confirmed in Egypt Feb 25 2020 CDC warns community to prepare for the spread of COVID-19 in the US The COVID-19 outbreak is rapid, but not yet considered a pandemic
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